What is a Working Holiday?

It is a visa allocated to young people from various nationalities. Generally, the applicant must be under 30 years of age. This visa status would be for a 1-year period. This would allow the visa holder to be on holiday around Japan and also work part time to cover some of her/his travel costs.

What is permitted and what is not with the Working Holiday Visa?


During this stay in Japan the main purpose may be vacation as there would be a limited number of hours permitted to work

  • Temporary academic activities
  • Voluntary work without pay
  • Internship without pay


  • The main purpose of your stay in Japan should not be paid work, if that would be the case they would suggest you apply for a different status visa, like the working visa.
  • Working holiday visa holders would not be permitted to work in certain sections of the entertainment industry such as jobs related to gambit and sexual activities.

That being said, one can work and study here but this must not be the main or sole purpose of your stay. The immigration department would act quite strictly towards people trying to go around this rule.

Working in Japan is classified under ARUBAITO アルバイト which means temporary work, a limited number of hours per week and SHIGOTO 仕事 which is a full time jobs a full time job.

The working Holiday Visa would only allow you to do a part time job アルバイト to complement your stay and holiday in Japan.

Anyway, besides laboring in a factory outside the city, it would not be easy to get a Job in Japan without a lack of knowledge of the Japanese language.

Who would be eligible for a Working Holiday Visa?

  • Firstly your country should have a Working Holiday accord with Japan. Below are the countries with this accord and the seats available per window:
    Country Seats
    Australia No Limit
    New Zeland No Limit
    Canada 6500
    South Korea 10000
    France 1500
    Germany No Limit
    United Kingdom 1000
    Ireland 400
    Denmark No Limit
    Taiwan 5000
    Hong Kong 1500
    Norway No Limit
    Poland 500
    Portugal Sin Límite
    Slovakia 400
    Austria 200
    Hungary 200
    Spain 500
    Argentina 200
    Czech Republic 400
    Chile 200
  • Need to possess a valid Passport.
  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • Should have the intention of being in the country for under 1 year.
  • Not travel with dependents unless the dependents posses the same visa too.
  • Should have a return ticket to your country within a year. Or show that you have 2000 Euros to purchase a new ticket.
  • Should be the first time you are traveling to Japan under the Working Holiday Visa.
  • Persons without previous criminal charges.

Things you need to know before your trip


You are recommended to acquire medical insurance before traveling to Japan as this visa would prevent you from working full time hence receiving no medical insurance from your employer. For more information, see “Guide to living in Japan”.


Upon arriving in Japan and finding a home, you will be required to resister yourself in your local city ward within 2 weeks of arriving to Japan. You will then be handed an ID card with your details. More information.


Job agencies and recruitment agencies such as Hello Work and Daijob can also advise you and find you jobs around Japan. You could refer to our Work section for more information.


The Working Holiday visa only permits one entry into Japan. If the visa holder would like to leave the country and return she/he shall have to obtain a re-entry visa prior to leaving the country. This is obtained in the airport before the immigration upon departure. More information.


One year after the issuance of your Working Holiday visa, your Embassy will send a survey about the program to the participants. It would be up to you to fill it out.